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Since 2003, Lady Cove has grown from approximately 20 to 50+ choristers representing both amateur and professional musicians. Our singers are a diverse cross section of society – teachers, medical practitioners, business professionals, lawyers, journalists, and students, just to name a few! Some have been with the choir from the very beginning, while many others have joined us along the way… get to know some of them below!


Auditions typically take place during the summer, for the start of the next fall season, as space permits. When a call for auditions is announced, it will be posted here and on our social media channels. To inquire further about the audition process, please email us at

Our Singers
Angela Antle

Angela writes and produces documentaries for CBC. She directed Gander’s Ripple Effect: How a Small Town’s Kindness Opened on Broadway and wrote the feature-length documentary Atlantic: What Lies Beneath which screened worldwide and won Best Documentary at the Dublin, Chagrin, Nickel, and Wexford Film Festivals. The chair of the St. John’s International Women’s Film Festival, she’s also a saucy alto in Lady Cove, and the proud mom of two Shallaway singers.

Leah Antle

Leah Antle has been a member of Lady Cove since 2014. She is passionate about her work as a K-6 music specialist. In her spare time, Leah enjoys crafting, running, and following celebrity gossip and popular culture, while sipping on the largest coffee she can find. A townie at heart, Leah grew up and still lives in Paradise.

Margot Antle

Margot joined Lady Cove in the fall of 2014. She works as a Nurse Practitioner in Family Practice. In addition to music making, Margot enjoys spending time with friends, reading, watching all the reality TV she can find and hanging with her cats.

Jennifer Babstock

A self-proclaimed “choir geek”, Jenn loved choir from an early age, having sung with Shallaway Youth Choir, MUN Chamber Choir, National Youth Choir of Canada, Innismara Vocal Ensemble, and, of course, Lady Cove! With an undergrad in Music and a MBA, she now blends her creative spirit & love of the arts with her business & marketing savvy at Atlantic Canada’s largest marketing firm, m5.

Elizabeth Brennan

Libby (the “older twin”) is one of 7 siblings who together with their parents, have fostered the love and sharing of family music. A proud mother of two daughters, she is also a retired school music educator but keeps busy teaching piano, playing French horn, and serving in pastoral music ministry at Mary Queen of Peace Church. Libby loves to explore the beauty of nature… she also loves to sit back with a beloved cup of tea!

Cheri Carroll

Cheri is currently the Music Specialist (Choral and Instrumental) at Mount Pearl Senior High School. She is a proud founding member of Lady Cove and counts every moment spent singing with this incredible group of women a blessing. The travel, competitions, and parties have been alright, too 😉

Ann Connolly

Ann, a founding member of Lady Cove, is a retired French immersion teacher, mother of two sons, organist and pianist. She finds joy in her family gatherings and in her role as accompanist for Shallaway’s Vivo chorus. Ann is a lover of all sports, can be seen walking the streets and trails of St. John’s, playing bridge with friends, and sipping copious cups of tea.

Holly Daley

Holly Daley is a singer and voice/piano instructor from St. John’s. She enjoys hiking and cooking. Noodles are her favourite form of food and her favourite colour is blue.

Alanna Fitzpatrick

A proud founding member of Lady Cove, Alanna began her love for choral music in school and sang with Shallaway Youth Choir from 1993-2001. Alanna completed undergraduate degrees in Music and Music Education at Memorial University and a Masters in Education at Mount St. Vincent University. An active vocal instructor, singer, and instrumentalist, she is also the music specialist at St. Kevin’s Junior High in the Goulds (Goulds rules!) and has been happily teaching there for over a decade.

Brenda Gatherall

A founding member of Lady Cove, Brenda is a music teacher at St. Bonaventure’s College and a sessional instructor at Memorial University. Brenda has been playing clarinet professionally in the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra for 20+ years and is an Associate Conductor with Shallaway. Brenda teaches private music lessons and loves travelling, gardening and being out on the ocean!

Jennifer Halliday-Chafe

A proud member of Lady Cove since 2011, Jennifer’s love for choir began at 8 years old when she joined Shallaway Youth Choir. Jennifer holds a BFA (Music) degree from York University and now owns and operates her own private music studio. She also enjoys performing with her band “The Hallidays”. Music isn’t the only love of Jennifer’s life, she also loves to spend time with her amazing family, going on runs with her dog Louie, and consuming wine and pizza!

Sarah Halliday

Choir has been a huge part of Sarah’s life since she was little… she can’t imagine life without her choral community! When she’s not singing up a storm with her choir gals or her band “The Hallidays”, Sarah is a social media content creator and Operations Manager at Heave Away – a local waste management company. Sarah is a self-proclaimed wine and French fry connoisseur and loves to travel the world with her hubby Dave. She also thinks she is hilarious. Just ask her 😉

Tina Hand

Tina is the proud mom of three wonderful kids – family and friends are what she values most. A founding member of Lady Cove, music has always been a big part of her life, she’s even recently taken up guitar and is loving it! Tina keeps active going to the gym, hiking, and walking. Passionate about giving back, two charities near and dear to Tina’s heart are the Dr. Jack Hand Legacy Foundation and Ronald McDonald House.

Leanne Kearsey

Leanne is a Certified Music Therapist with Eastern Health and gets to combine her love for choir and music therapy in her work with Shallaway’s Lauda Ensemble and the Festival 500: Growing the Voices adult singing program, “So You Always Wanted to Sing”. Leanne is a traveller at heart and is always planning the next big adventure!

Yvonne Manning

Yvonne loves hiking, cooking, history, being “on the peninsula” with friends and family and all things French. Having always sung in choirs, this bloomed when she came to “town” to attend Holy Heart of Mary High School. Yvonne divides her time between St. John’s and Sandy Cove, where she can be heard rehearsing for choir while picking berries near Caplin Gulch.

Lisa McDonald

Lisa has been singing with Lady Cove since 2007. In her professional life, she works as a University/Arts administrator and is passionate about the arts community. Lady Cove not only provides her with an opportunity to exercise her vocal chops (she has a B.Mus in voice) but enriches her life with great friendship, a sense of womanhood and overall, a more diversified musical development.

Sarah Nolan

Sarah, usually found: drinking coffee, raising 3 kids, spending time with my husband, family or friends, cuddling pets, taking photos, painting, hairstyling, podcasting, singing, procrastinating at an expert level or even siting quietly daydreaming about travel or home renovations.

Gillian Pridham

Gillian’s earliest memory of choral singing (age 4) was in church junior choir in her basement with her dad as the conductor. Gillian was a founding member of the Giocoso Singers and has also sung with MUN Chamber Choir and Cantus Vocum. She is delighted to have found her choir soulmates in Lady Cove. She served as Chair of the Bruneau Centre for Excellence in Choral Music for six years. Gillian continues to practice Dentistry in downtown St. John’s.

Emily Phillips

Emily is a performer and music educator from St. John’s, with Bachelor’s degrees in Music and Music Education from Memorial University, as well as a Masters of Music in Musical Theatre Performance from Western University. Emily is a K-12 music specialist and owns her own private music studio. She is a mom to two dogs and one human, and in her spare time you can see her performing in local theatre productions.

Katie Sullivan

An active music educator and performer in St. John’s, Katie teaches instrumental music in four elementary schools and is the Principal Trumpet of the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra. Katie is a very proud member of Lady Cove and has been singing with the group since the very beginning. She is also the proud mom of four children – Lauren, Thomas, Kathryn and Maria.

Catherine Tansley

Catherine has been singing in choirs and playing brass instruments since she was a young child. She holds Music and Music Education degrees and a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology from Memorial University. Currently she works as a music teacher/counsellor with the Newfoundland English School District. An Alto 2 in Lady Cove for close to 15 years, she can also be found tooting on her tuba with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra or tending to her house plants at home (when she’s not singing low notes in choir, of course!)

Angela Warren

Angela Warren is the music specialist at Lakecrest Independent School in St. John’s. She received a Masters of Arts in Music Education and a Mastery Certification in Orff Pedagogy at the University of St. Thomas in St. Paul, Minnesota. A full-time private voice instructor, Angela is also an active presenter for national, provincial and local music conferences.

Abra Whitney

Abra (BMus/MMus) is a singer, actor, educator, and conductor. She is a very proud private teacher at Intervals Music Studio. Abra has performed with the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, Opera on the Avalon, Resource Centre for the Arts, TaDa! Events, Atlantic Light Theatre, QVRR, Best Kind Productions, and has produced her own shows. She loves all animals, Stevie Wonder, and local craft beer.

Claire Bates
Donna Beckhouse
Mary Brennan
Haley Cheeseman
Michelle Chippett
Sarah Comerford
Kathy Conway-Ward
Erin Enguehard
Julia Halfyard
Rebecca Hender
Alyssa Hicks
Kayla Humby
Elizabeth Johnson
Michelle Johnson
Alice Keough
Andrea Lane Gardner
Adrianna Lear
Meaghan Malone
Colleen McCarthy
Sarah McDonald
Jennifer Nakashima
Emily Nelder
Grace Nolan
Jillian Ryan
Lori Shortall
Hillary Simms
Rose Suter