Lady Cove Women’s Choir

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In 2019, Lady Cove began a collaboration with Eastern Owl, an Indigenous-led all nations group of women, to explore the bonds of sisterhood in an atmosphere of sharing, learning, and growth. The anchor of this collaboration was the collaborative work on the song “Warrior” by The Wyrd Sisters. The song speaks to the power of women – and was adapted to include indigenous chant.

It is our collective hope that this work will inspire and empower women to keep fighting for gender equity, as well as continue to look out for each other, and lift each other up.

Special thanks go to:
Director: Angela Antle
Producer: Kerry Gamberg, Filmmaker
Director of Photography: Duncan de Young
Editor: Aaron Elliott
Publisher: Cypress Choral Music
Composer: Kim Baryluk
Chant: Stacey Howse
Adapted by: Natasha Blackwood & Eastern Owl